Best Clearlight® Infrared Saunas

As a wellness company with over 22 years of experience in the infrared sauna industry, Clearlight® Infrared Saunas only use non-toxic materials in our saunas. Our saunas were designed with your health and well-being as our highest consideration and we adhere to the highest manufacturing standards.

Every Clearlight® Sanctuary and Clearlight® Premier sauna model is hand sanded and the wood panels are color matched.  Our Clearlight® Premier and Clearlight® Sanctuary sauna models are available in grade “A” Clear Western Red Canadian Cedar or North American Basswood. This is not just any wood though, it is Eco-Certified wood

Quality second to none… superior customer service – our guarantee! 


ETL AND ETL-C Safety Certified
Standards for the United States and Canada
Electrical Testing Laboratories (ETL) has certified products for more than 100 years and is one of the oldest product safety testing laboratories in the world. Certification by ETL and ETL-C assures you that all Clearlight Sauna® models have been tested to meet both US and Canadian safety and performance standards. We safety certify the entire sauna to ensure a lifetime of safe use.




  • Tounge and Groove Cedar or Basswood inside and out.
  • Water-based, non-toxic glues so there is no outgassing of chemicals.
  • Tempered glass.
  • Low EMF True Wave® far infrared and full spectrum (near, mid and far infrared) heaters. 
  • Low ELF sauna cabins. 
  • All Clearlight saunas are ETL certified to ensure they meet or exceed all product safety standards.
  • Hight quality Bluetooth/MP3 audio system with Nakamichi stereo speakers.
  • “Never Fail” dual keypad controls temperature and timing with a precise digital readout.
  • Our True Wave® infrared heaters are all around you; back wall, side walls, a front wall, under the bench, next to your calves and in the floor.  Surround yourself in wellness. 
  • All Clearlight® saunas include chromotherapy lighting. 
  • Low operating cost.  The average sauna session costs about 20 cents.  

Clearlight® Sauna models run on 120v or 240v depending on the model and require a 15 amp or 20 amp circuit. Please confirm these electrical requirements with a certified electrician.