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Meditub is the Largest Walk-In Bathtubs Manufacturer in the United States.

Meditub prides itself on being a top-quality walk-in tub provider known for its durability, safety and comfort. Meditub walk-in bathtubs go through an extensive quality control process and unlike many imported tubs, Meditub walk-in tubs meet North American quality standards and regulations.

The healthcare professionals at Meditub understand the challenges that are associated with mobility issues, whether it is related to an injury, aging, or any other cause. As a result, we put so much care and time in providing walk-in bathtubs that are easy to enter and exit and come standard with anti-slip floors, and grab bars.

Regardless of your mobility or age, no one should have to give up taking a bath and you should not have to risk your health and safety to do so either. Meditub walk-in bathtubs give you the opportunity to retain your independence and way of life with a safe and secure bathing option in your home. Meditub state-of-the-art walk-in bathtubs allow you to feel comfortable and safe while enjoying a relaxing bath or shower.

Health Benefits

Meditub offers walk-in bathtubs with features like hydrotherapy and air therapy which not only relax you during your bath, but also accommodate your health needs by helping with circulation, joint aches, arthritis and much more.

Meditub’s Promise

  • Meditub is the largest manufacturer and distributor of walk-in bathtubs in North America.
  • All units are drilled, jetted and assembled in the United States.
  • Outward/Inward swinging doors; hydro, air, or dual systems; non-slip floors; bidets (in selected models) and many other features are available.
  • Sold exclusively through high-end showrooms, certified dealers and/or approved wholesalers in your area.
  • We offer the most extensive assortment in the industry in both GelCoat and Acrylic options.
  • All Hydrotherapy units come with an inline heater at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE.
  • All units come with an extension kit at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE to fill an existing 60” space. (If the customer orders a 53” unit, a 7” extension kit will be included with their purchase.
$5,200.00 $2,702.70

Meditub Walk-In Bathtub 2653

$5,600.00 $2,910.00

Meditub Walk-In Bathtub 3053

$6,200.00 $3,222.00

Meditub Walk-In Bathtub 2952

$5,900.00 $3,066.00

Meditub Walk-In Bathtub 3054

$6,800.00 $3,534.00

Meditub Walk-In Bathtub 3060

$7,700.00 $2,884.00

Meditub Walk-In Bathtub 2646

$8,700.00 $3,742.00

Meditub Walk-In Bathtub 3260

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