Best SaunaCore Infrared Saunas

Saunacore is a world leader in the manufacturing of premium quality sauna and steam bath products.  Saunacore manufacturing is based in Ontario, Canada.  Saunacore manufactures sauna heaters, steam bath generators, far infrared sauna rooms, traditional indoor and outdoor saunas, material liner kits, accessories and much more.

Saunacore manufactures premium quality surgical stainless steel sauna heaters.  Engineered to be efficient, durable, and reliable.  These sauna heaters are one of the toughest and more durable sauna heaters which you can find in today’s residential and commercial sauna rooms.

Steamcore is Saunacore’s brand label for its steam bath generators.  Manufactured with stainless steel, from the boiler tank to heating elements, and exterior body.  Excellent quality and reliable design make Steamcore one of the best steam bath generators on the market.

Infra-Core & Horizon Far infrared saunas are Saunacore’s brand label of Canadian Made Far Infrared Saunas.  These saunas are manufactured with only the absolute highest quality and best performing parts.  This is a premium far infrared sauna which the features and qualities of its components speak for themselves.  No fancy marketing, just unsurpassed quality, and performance. The Sunset imported line of infrared saunas is offered by Saunacore as an entry level, economic and value-based infrared sauna.

All Saunacore products are tested to the most recent CSA safety standards for Canadian and USA application.  This website is to state facts and educate the public of the products Saunacore produces.  Saunacore is dedicated to bringing the finest sauna and steam bath products to market.  Apples to Apples there is no other manufacturer with an extensive line of premium quality products, manufactured in Canada, with the unsurpassed quality and performance.

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